Credential Programs

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Certificate of Leadership Identity

The program is a campus-wide, interdisciplinary experience that provides training, strengths development, coaching and hands-on learning to advance the practice and development of personal and private leadership. Candidates will integrate expanding personal and interpersonal effectiveness into their campus engagement opportunities, their academic success, as well as exploration and decisions related to their careers.

Certificate of Applied Leadership

The program empowers participants to advance their development following a Leadership Identity Certificate and demonstrate their achievement through a salient leader role. Candidates receive ongoing coaching, structured interaction with peer leaders, guided reflection work and assessment of their leadership capacities tied to real performance improvement.

Master Certificate

In this capstone experience, Candidates integrate their leadership experience following the Applied Leadership program with career and post-graduation planning. They work with external mentors, participate in career-readiness seminars and Career Center events. They serve as Ambassadors to the Institute and leave behind a legacy project that may serve as a learning resource for others.