Leadership Fellows

The Wildcat Leadership Institute (WLI) is searching for faculty, staff and community members who want the opportunity to intentionally mentor student leaders as an Institute Fellow.

Who is an Institute Fellow?

  • A faculty, staff or community member actively engaged in the Institute program and serves as a coach, guide, facilitator or instructor for a small group (6 to 7) of students enrolled in the WLI certificate program.
  • Helps students explore definitions of leadership, leadership and wellbeing, leadership strengths, public speaking, personal and interpersonal skills, ethical decision-making, service, and development of individual leadership pathways.
  • Participates in a Fellows orientation prior to start, and attends the kickoff WLI group meetings.
  • Attends Institute group meetings just 11 of the 16 weeks of the semester for an average about 2 hours a week.
  • Has the opportunity to interact with students you may not normally see, build your own leadership skills, explore a specialty area of expertise, and help develop the cream of the crop of future campus student leadership.

Interested in being a part Wildcat Leadership Institute Fellows program?  Faculty/staff/community members are welcome. 

For more information, contact Mary Wallmark at 530-898-3633 or email mwallmark@csuchico.edu.