California State University, Chico • Kendall Hall #118, Chico, California 95929-0760 • (530) 898-4764

Faculty and Staff Roster

Ben Seipel Faculty EDUC THMA 417 x6854
Carmelo Miranda Staff UB SSC 392 x5181
Casey Dinsmore Staff FA SSC 250 x6451
Claudine Franquet Staff TLP MLIB 003A x5551
Deanna Pierro Staff SLC SSC 370 6783
Deborah Stewart Staff SHSSHC 237x5241
Janja LalichFacultySOCIBUTE 621 x5542
Joel Rogers Faculty THEA PAC 246 x6736
Kijeong Jeon Faculty AAH AYRS 118 x5491
Krystal Tonga Staff CCLC MLIB 172 x4101
Lana McKnight Faculty CWS SSC 430 x6345
Laura Sederberg Staff TLP MLIB 001D x4326
Liahna Gordon Faculty SOCI BUTE 631 x6040
Lindsay Briggs Faculty HCSV BUTE 628 x4816
Lori Beth Way Staff POLS BUTE 721 x5737
Lyndall Ellingson Faculty HCSV BUTE 637 x6310
Melissa Mache Faculty KINE YOLO 254 x6617
Nancy Park Staff RCE CE 01 x5671
Robert Tinkler Faculty HIST TRNT 218 x6054
Sara E. Cooper Faculty FLNG TRNT 150 x5161
Stephen Sherlock Faculty POLS BUTE 720 x4512
Sue Steiner Faculty SWRK BUTE 543B x3066
Tayla Kemper Faculty EDUC THMA 421 x6138
Ted Cluver Faculty MATH HOLT 271 x5345
Tray Robinson Staff DIVR KNDL 110 x4764

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