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Extended (ADA) Circulation Policy for Students With Disabilities

The Meriam Library recognizes the need to facilitate and encourage utilization of information resources to the fullest extent feasible for all students enrolled in the University. Students experiencing disabilities that impair their capacity to utilize selected library resources while adhering to normal circulation policies are eligible to request an extended loan period for items in the main book collection. The book circulation period for disabled students (undergraduate and graduate) will be extended until the last day of the semester in which the items are checked out.

The following provisions apply:

  1. The policy applies to books, government documents, and nonprint items checked out from Circulation.
  2. The policy does not affect circulation periods of items checked out from the reserve collection
  3. The policy does not affect recalls of items. The normal recall procedures apply to items circulated under this extended circulation provision.


Students eligible for extended circulation must be authorized by the office of Diversity and Inclusion, and must present their authorization form to Circulation in the Meriam Library. (The authorization form need be presented only once, at which time the patron's loan category will be adjusted to automatically reflect the extended circulation period for subsequent transactions during that semester).

Authorization forms will be processed between 8:30 a.m. -- 5 p.m., Monday -- Friday, during the school year. Hours will vary during the summer so call ahead, (530) 898-6501.

Extended Circulation Authorization Form


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