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As part of its Information Literacy Program, The Meriam Library at CSU, Chico offers course-integrated information literacy instruction at the assignment level. In accordance with the major learning outcomes of the Information Literacy Program, librarians can assist students with developing a successful research topic; locating information on that topic; evaluating information quality; or synthesizing sources into their research project, depending on your classes' particular needs, and where they are at in the research process. If you would like to schedule information literacy instruction related to a particular class assignment, please fill out the following form. A librarian will contact you to discuss the learning outcomes for your session.

Guidelines for Successful Information Literacy Instruction:

Meeting Students at their Point of Need:

Information literacy instruction at CSU, Chico is specifically tailored to each classes' research needs. Student retention of information literacy skills is most successful when librarians can work with faculty and students to develop the specific research skills the students will need to successfully complete their class assignment.

Timing of the Session:

It is important to schedule instruction at the right time, so that it coincides with the stage of the research process the students will be at during their information literacy session. It is best to schedule instruction at least ten days in advance of the session. This will allow our librarians adequate time to prepare for the session. It is also important to ensure that students have been given and understand the requirements of their assignment prior to the day of the library session.

Successful Collaboration:

In order to best serve our students, librarians will collaborate closely with course instructors, either in-person or through e-mail, to determine the specific learning outcomes for each session. Toward this end, it is important that librarians are sent course syllabi and specific assignments prior to the session in a timely matter. This will facilitate a productive learning environment for our students.


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