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by Rich Soares, Biology Librarian, CSU Chico
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Decorative birdVolume 16 - 2001
Brown, C. R., and M.B. Brown. Avian coloniality: progress and problems. 1-82.
Budden, A. E., and J. Wright. Begging in nestling birds. 83-118.
Greenberg, R., C. Mettke-Hofmannn. Ecological aspects of newphobia and neophilia in birds. 119-178.
Merilä, J., and B. C. Sheldon. Avian quantitative genetics. 179-255.
Whittingham, L. A., and P. O. Dunn. Male parental care and maternity in birds. 257-298.
Williams, J. B., and B. I. Tieleman. Physiological ecology and behavior of desert birds. 299-353.
Williams, T. D., and F. Vézina. Reproductive energy expenditure, intraspecific variation and fitness in birds. 355-406.

Decorative bird Volume 15 - 1999
Carey, C., and W. R. Dawson. A search for environmental cues used by birds in survival of cold winters. 1-31.
Cristol, D. A., M. B. Baker, and C. Carbone. Differential migration revisited: latitudinal segregation by age and sex class. 33-88.
Gionfriddo, J. P., and L. B. Best.Grit use by birds: a review. 89-148.
Nur, N., and W. J. Sydeman. Demographic processes and population dynamic models of seabirds: implications forconservation and restoration. 149-188.
Reed, J. M., T. Boulinier, E. Danchin, and L. W. Oring. Informed dispersal: prospecting by birds for breeding sites. 189-259.
Winslow, D. E. Mechanistic approaches to the investigation of edge effects on avian productivity. 261-309.

Decorative bird Volume 14 - 1997
Clark, L. Physiological, ecological, and evolutionary bases for the avoidance of chemical irritants by birds. 1-37.
Hahn, T. P., T. Boswell, J. C. Wingfield, and G. F. Ball. Temporal flexibility in avian reproduction: patterns and mechanisms. 39-80.
MacDougall-Shackleton, S. A. Sexual selection and the evolution of song repertoires. 81-124.
Piper, W. H. Social dominance in birds: early findings and new horizons. 125-187.
Pravosudov, V. V., and T. C. Grubb, Jr. Energy management in passerine birds during the nonbreeding season: a review. 189-234.
Suthers, R. A., and F. Goller. Motor correlates of vocal diversity in songbirds. 235-288.
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Decorative birdVolume 13 - 1996
Marler, P. Social cognition: are primates smarter than birds. 1-32.
Balda, R. P., A. C. Kamil, and P. A. Bednekoff. Predicting cognitive capacity from natural history: examples from four species of corvids. 33-66.
Brown, M. E. Assessing body condition in birds. 67-135.
Drumbacher, J. P., and S. Pruett-Jones. Avian chemical defence. 137-174.
Kirk, D. A., M. D. Evenden, and P. Mineau. Past and current attempts to evaluate the role of birds as predators of insect pests in temperate agriculture. 175-269.
Székely, T., J. N. Webb, A. I. Houston, and J. M. McNamara. An evolutionary approach to ofsspring desertion in birds. 271-330.

Decorative birdVolume 12 - 1995
Beletsky, L. D., D. F. Gori, S. Freeman, and J. C. Wingfield. Testosterone and polygyny in birds. 1- 41.
Dunn, E. H., and D. J. T. Hussell. Using migratory counts to monitor landbird populations: review and evaluation of current status. 43-88.
Grubb, T. C., Jr. Ptilochronology: a review and prospectus. 89-114.
Lambrechts, M. M., and A. A. Dhondt. Individual voice discrimination in birds. 115-139.
Savalli, U. M. The evolution of bird coloration and plumage elaboration: a review of hypotheses. 141-190.
Stoleson, S. H., and S. R. Beissinger. Hatching asynchrony and the onset of incubation in birds, revisited: what is the critical period? 191-270.
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Decorative bird Volume 11 - 1993
Askins, R. A. Population trends in grassland, shrubland, and forest birds in eastern North America. 1- 34.
Block, W. M., and L. A. Brennan. The habitat concept in ornithology: Theory and applications. 35-91.
Matthysen, E. Nonbreeding social organization in migratory and resident birds. 93-141.
Newton, I. Predation and limitation of bird numbers. 143-198.
Ricklefs, R. E. Sibling competition, hatching asynchrony, incubation period, and lifespan in altricial birds. 199-276.

Decorative bird Volume 10 - 1993
Ligon, J. D. The role of phylogenetic history in the evolution of contemporary
avain mating and parental care systems. 1-46.
Marti, C. D., E. Korpimäki, and F. M. Jaksi . Trophic structure of raptor
communities: a three-continent comparison and synthesis. 47-137.
McDonald, D. B., and H. Caswell. Matrix methods for avian demography. 139-185.
McNeil, R., P. Drapeau, and R. Pierotti. Nocturnality in colonial waterbirds: occurrence, special adaptations, and suspected benefits. 187-246.
Rabenold, K. N. Latitudinal gradients in avian species diversity and the role of long-distance migration. 247-274.
Starck, J. M. Evolution of avian ontogenies. 275-366.
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Decorative birdVolume 9 - 1992
Bucher, E. H. The causes of extinction of the Passenger Pigeon. 1-36.
Cairns, D. K. Population regulation of seabird colonies. 37-61.
Götmark, F. The effects of investigator disturbance on nesting birds. 63-104.
Haney, J. C., and A. R. Solow. Analyzing quantitative relationships between seabirds and marine resource patches. 105-161.
Martin, T. E. Interaction of nest predation and food limitation in reproductive strategies. 163-197.
Spector, D. A. Wood-warbler song systems. A review of paruline singing behaviors. 199-238.
Decorative bird Volume 8 - 1991
Baker, A. J. A review of New Zealand ornithology. 1-67.
Brisbin, I. L., Jr. Avian radioecology. 69-140.
Gowaty, P. A. Facultative manipulation of sex ratios in birds. Rare or rarely observed? 141-171.
McLean, I. G., and G. Rhodes. Enemy recognition and response in birds. 173-211.
Pruett-Jones, S. G., M. A. Pruett-Jones and H. I. Jones. Parasites and sexual selection in a New Guinea avifauna. 213-245.
Temrin, H. Deceit of mating status in passerine birds. An evaluation of the deception hypothesis. 247- 271.
Wunderlee, J. M., Jr. Age-specific foraging proficiency in birds. 273-324.
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Decorative bird Volume 7 - 1990
Askins, R. A., J. F. Lynch, and R. Greenberg. Population declines in migratory birds in eastern North America. 1-57.
Blem, C. R. Avian energy storage. 59- 113.
Dobson, A. Survival rates and their relationship to life- history traits in some common British birds. 115-146.
Källander, H., and H. G. Smith. Food storing in birds: an evolutionary perspective. 147-207.
Matthysen, E. Nonbreeding social organization in Parus. 209-249.
Sæther, B.-E. Age-specific variation in reproductive performance of birds. 251-283.
Siegel-Causey, D., and S. P. Kharitonov. The evolution of coloniality. 285-330.
Westneat, D. F., P. W. Sherman, and M. L. Morton. 1990. The ecology and evolution of extra-pair copulations in birds. 331-369.

Decorative bird Volume 6 - 1989
Breitwisch, R. Mortality patterns, sex ratios, and parental investment in monogamous birds. 1-50.
Butcher, G. S., and S. Rohwer. The evolution of conspicuous and distinctive
coloration for communication in birds. 51-108.
Kerlinger, P., and F. R. Moore. Atmospheric structure and avian migration. 109-142.
Lövei, G. I. Passerine migration between the Palearctic and Africa. 143-174.
Snyder, N. F. R., and H. A. Snyder. Biology and conservation of the California Condor. 175-267.
Waldvogel, J. A. Olfactory orientation by birds. 269-321.
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Decorative bird Volume 5 - 1988
Rayner, J. M. V. Form and function in avian flight. 1-66.
Wiltschko, W., and R. Wiltschko. Magnetic orientation in birds. 67-121.
Bluhm, C. K. Temporal patterns of pair formation and reproduction in annual
cycles and associated endocrinology in waterfowl. 123-185.
Rohwer, F. C., and M. G. Anderson. Female-biased philopatry, monogamy, and the
timing of pair formation in migratory waterfowl. 187-221.
Kharitonov, S. P., and D. Siegel-Causey. Colony formation in birds. 223-272.
Shields, G. F., and K. M. Helm-Bychowski. Mitochondrial DNA of birds. 273-295.
Henderson, C. L. Nongame bird conservation. 297- 312.
Kamil, A. C. Experimental design in ornithology. 313-346.
Miller, E. H. Description of bird behavior for comparative purposes. 347-394.

Decorative bird Volume 4 - 1986
Zink, R. M., and J. V. Remsen, Jr. Evolutionary processes and patterns of geographic variation in birds. 1-69.
Hailman, J. P. The heretability concept applied to wild birds. 71-95.
Rich, P. V., and R. F. Baird. History of the Australian avifauna. 97-139.
Murphy, E. C., and E. Haukioja. Clutch size in nidicolous birds. 141-180.
Martin, T. E. Competition in breeding birds: on the importance of considering processes at the level of the individual. 181-210.
Fretwell, S. Distribution and abundance of the Dickcissel. 211-242.
Siegel-Causey, D., and J. G. Hinshaw. A bibliography of ornithological
translations. 243-300.
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Decorative birdVolume 3 - 1986
Jehl, J. R., Jr., and B. G. Murray, Jr. The evolution of normal and reverse sexual size dimorphism in shorebirds and other birds. 1-86.
Payne, R. B. Bird songs and avian systematics. 87- 126.
Rothstein, S. I., D. A. Yokel, and R. C. Fleischer. Social dominance, mating and spacing systems, female fecundity, and vocal dialects in captive and free-ranging Brown-headed Cowbirds. 127-185.
Lawton, M. F., and R. O. Lawton. Heterochrony, deferred breeding, and avian sociality. 187-222.
Willson, M. F. Avian frugivory and seed dispersal in eastern North America. 223-279.
Greenberg, R. Competition in migrant birds in the nonbreeding season. 281-307.
Oring, L. W. Avian polyandry. 309-351.
Rohwer, S. Selection for adoption versus infanticide by replacement "mates" in birds. 353-395.
Risebrough, R. W. Pesticides and bird populations. 397-427.
Morrison, M. L. Bird populations as indicators of environmental change. 429-451.
Temple, S. A. The problem of avian extinction. 453-485.

Decorative bird Volume 2 - 1985
James, F. C., and C. E. McCulloch. Data analysis and the design of experiments in ornithology. 1-63.
Mueller, H. C., and K. Meyer. The evolution of reversed sexual dimorphism in size: a comparative analysis of the Falconiformes of the western Palearctic. 65-101.
Kroodsma, D. E., M. C. Baker, L. F. Baptista, and L. Petrinovich. Vocal "dialects" in Nuttall's White-crowned Sparrow. 103-133.
Barrowclough, G. F., N. K. Johnson, and R. M. Zink. On the nature of genic variation in birds. 135-154.
Leisler, B., and H. Winkler. Ecomorphology. 155- 186.
Raikow, R. J. Problems in avian classification. 187-212.
Gaunt, A. S., and S. L. L. Gaunt. Syringeal structure and avian phonation. 213-245.
Verner, J. Assessment of counting techniques. 247- 302.
Meier, A. H., and A. C. Russo. Circadian organization of the avian annual cycle. 303-343.

Decorative birdVolume 1 - 1983
Ricklefs, R. E. Comparative avian demography. 1-32.
Winkler, D. W., and J. R. Walters. The determination of clutch size in precocial birds. 33-68.
Carey, C. Structure and function of avian eggs. 69-103.
Martin, L. D. The origin of birds and of avian flight. 105-129.
Rising, J. D. The Great Plains hybrid zones. 131- 157.
Cracraft, J. Species concepts and speciation analysis. 159-187.
Shields, G. F. Bird chromosomes. 189-209.
Corbin, K. W. Genetic structure and avian systematics. 211-244.
Sibley, C. G., and J. E. Ahlquist. Phylogeny and classification of birds based on the data of DNA-DNA hybridization. 245-292.
Hinchliffe, J. R., and M. Gumpel-Pinot. Experimental analysis of avian limb morphogenesis. 293-327.
Ford, N. L. Variation in mate fidelity in monogamous birds. 329-356.
Ketterson, E. D., and V. Nolan, Jr. The evolution of differential bird migration. 357-402.

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