Who is Lori Holcombe?

When I came to CSU, Chico in the summer of 2009, the first person that I met was Lori Holcombe. While participating in the famous Summer Calculus Boot Camp, I became her student. She helped me in so many ways. Before the Calculus Boot Camp, I can say I really did not know how to do math the right way. Lori also helped me with advice in my Math classes. When a freshman comes to a university and does not know anything about the school or professors, having someone to advise you in what Math class and which professors to take it with is the best help you can get. Another thing is the money, who does not need extra cash this days? Lori rewards students who are enrolled in her workshops and earn an A or B in calculus classes with economic help such as Bookstore gift cards that you can use for books or school supplies. She would also pay to go visit graduate schools. Another thing that Lori has shown me, which I think is one of the best, is the opportunity to do an Undergraduate Research Project under the CSU-LSAMP Scholars Program Grant. This is an opportunity I could not let it pass. Receiving a stipend for researching a topic of my interest that is related to my major is amazing! Lori is a wonderful director, professor, and definitely a great friend. She cares for her students, she does not just want her program “enrollment numbers” to go up, I can tell you that she knows every single one of her students on a personal level.

~Miguel Leon Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineering Major