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Adams, Harlan M. Oral History. Interviewed by Allan E. Forbes Chico, California, 1974. LD729.6 C5 F6 (N.E.Cal.)
Anderson, Alice. The library: Chico State Normal-Chico State College, 1921-1951 Chico, California, 1974. LD729.6 C5 A94 (N.E.Cal)
Best, Betty Jean. A history of the Department of Physical Education for Women at Chico State College. California State University, Chico, 1968. GV367 C48 B4 (Thesis)
Bidwell, John. Deed, 1887 June 24, John Bidwell of Butte County, grantor, to the State of California, grantee. Photocopy of original from Butte County Records, Book 27 of Deeds, p.557. LD723 B5 (N.E.Cal)
Bohler, Ray. Oral History. Interviewed by Don Scott, Chico, California, 1973. LD729.6 C568 B631973 (N.E.Cal.)
Butte County Historical Society. Chico State College: the first 75 years. A reprint from Diggins, fall edition, Oroville California, 1962. LD729.6 C5 B8 (Main Collection and Archives)
Calkins, Keith D. The history of Chico State College varsity track California State University, Chico 1963. GV691 C48 C3 (Thesis)
Carlson, Wallin J. Reflections upon a career as an instructor in business, registrar and dean of admissions at Chico State College, 1938-1969. Interview with Lloyd M. Cook. February 14, 1975. LD729.6 C5 C37 (N.E.Cal)
  Chico State College Conference on general education. Held at Shasta Springs Lodge, October 16-18, 1947. Edited by the Coordinating Committee, April, 1948. LD723 C51 (Archives)
  Chico State College Fourth annual faculty conference: The student personnel program. Old Hearst Ranch, Pleasanton, California. September 27, 28, 29, 1951. LD723 C512 4th 1951 (Archives)
  Chico State College Fifth faculty conference: The functions of Chico State College. Lucerne, California, October 21, 22, 23, 1954. LD723 C512 5th 1954 (Archives)
  Chico State College Survey of graduates of the California State Normal School at Chico. By C.K. Studley and Allison Ware. California State Printing Office, Sacramento, 1916. LD729.6 C5 A6 1916 (Archives)
Chico State College. Students in Home Economics. Campus courtesy: a handbook of etiquette including table service. Chico, California. LD723 C45 C345
Dix, Agnes A. The founding and first decade of the professional nursing program at Chico State College. Interviewed by Margaret Hansen. Chico, California, 1973. LD729.6 C5 D58 (N.E.Cal)
Finn, L. S. South Campus Six. California State University, Chico, 1989. F869 C4 F46 1989 (Thesis)
Gulick, Robert Lee. Chico State College: Historical sketch. Chico, California, @1936. LD723 G8 (Archives)
Heenan, Kathy. For whom the bells toll: At CSUC, they toll for no one. Paper for English 110. California State University, Chico, 1984. LD729.6 C5 H44 1984
Heikkinen, Karena Dorothy. A history of the laboratory school at Chico State College, 1890-1964. California State University, Chico, 1964. LB2154 C5 H4 (Thesis)
Hume, Adelaide Baker. Teacher Training at Chico Normal School, 1914-1916, and other Chico memories. Interviewed by Larry Bourdeau. Chico, California, March 18, 1980. LD729.6 C5 H75 (Archives)
Hutchinson, William Henry. When Chico stole the college, Chico, California, Butte Savings and Loan Association, 1983. LD729.6 C5 H86 (N.E.Cal)
Johnson, Lloyd G. Recollections of student life at the Chico Normal School, 1912. Interviewed by Jacqueline W. Faris-Rees. Chico, California, 1977. LD729.6 C5 J65 (N.E.Cal.)
Jackey, David F. How high is a tree? Pacific Grove: Boxwood Press, 1919. (Chico Normal School in the 1920's) LD729.6 C532 J3 (Archives)
Kendall, Glenn. Oral History. Interviewed by Lloyd Cook. Chico, California, 1974. LD729.6 c576 K45 1974 (N.E.Cal.)
Kendall, Glenn. A report: sixteen years in review. Chico, California, 1966. LD723 K43 1966 (Archives)
  Let's Look at Chico State College, a presentation by the Basic Communications Class. Chico, California, 1952. LD723 C52 (Archives)
Lindsay, Lauri. Physical changes of the California State University, Chico Campus. Chico, California. 1979. LD729.6 C5 L55 (Archives)
Meier, Lloyd Alan. Impact of Chico State College, 1939- 1943, and in later years: an oral interview. Interviewed by Laurence M. Boag. Chico, California, 1980. LD729.6 C5 M45 (N.E.Cal)
Moore, Gail Everett. History of Chico State College. Oregon State College Thesis, 1939. LD723 M6 (Archives)
Morris, William M. A history of varsity baseball at Chico State College from 1895-1963. California State University, Chico, 1963. GV863 M6 (Thesis)
Phillips, Loren D. The founding and growth of the Department of Agriculture, Chico State College. Interviewed by Norris A. Bleyhl. Chico, California. 1975. LD729.6 C5 P55 (N.E.Cal)
Pierce, Isabel W. Excerpts from my husband's autobiography (Autobiography of Edward T. Pierce.) In: Some California School Beginnings: Third Historical Yearbook of the California Retired Teachers' Association, 1936. pp. 9-21. LA243 C32 (N.E.Cal)
  A Precious Sense of Place: The early years of Chico State. Adapted from the writing of W. H. Hutchinson, Clarence F. McIntosh and others. Developed by Pam Herman Bush. Chico, California, Friends of the Meriam Library, 1991. LD729.6 C5 P74 1991 (Archives)
Richardson, Donald L. Chico State varsity football. California State University, Chico, June 1962. GV958 C48 R5 (Thesis)
Rios, Joseph Cid, III. The history of Chico State College wrestling: the Dr. Hal Petersen era, 1958- 1968. California State University, Chico, 1994. GV1195 R56 1994 (Thesis)
Rogers, Thomas L. The history of Eagle Lake Biological Station (1944- 1964), 1968. F868 E2 R63 1968 (Archives)
Schreiter, Carl. A Chico Normal School Student in 1916. Interviewed by Scott Buckley. Chico, California, 1977. LD729.6 C5 S37 1977 (Archives)
Schwartz, Evan. Curriculum at the State Normal School at Chico, 1890-1910 A paper for American Studies 150. California State University, Chico, Spring 1979. LD729.6 C5 S3 (N.E.Cal.)
Small, Gary. A history of industrial arts at Chico State College, California State University, Chico, 1965. T74 C2 S6 (Thesis)
Swartz, Jack Hazen. The first fifty years of varsity basketball at Chico State California State University, Chico, 1960. GV885 S9 (Thesis)
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