Your Second Semester


What course can I take for my second semester?

  • If you have not yet met the ELM requirement, register in the next course in your sequence.
    • MATH 011:  Take MATH 012
    • MATH 031:  Take MATH 051
  • If you have passed intermediate algebra and, therefore, met the ELM requirement, you may enroll in the GE math for your major.

What if I did not pass my fall semester class?

  • You must repeat the course.
    • MATH 011 and 031: Take MATH 031
    • MATH 032 and 051:  Take MATH 051

Enrollment Beyond the First Year

What if I haven't met the ELM requirement by the end of my second semester?

  • You will need first need to provide proof that you are enrolled in a course at a community college that will complete the ELM requirement by the July deadline and then provide proof of passing by the August deadline to be eligible for reinstatement.  Detailed instructions will be provided by the Developmental Math Coordinator and are posted here.
  • If you do not meet the requirement by the end of summer, you will be administratively academically disqualified and may not return to the university until the ELM requirement has been met.  Students who are absent from the university for more than one semester must reapply to the university and meet all transfer student requirements for readmission.
  • Academic disqualification is a separate issue.  If you are also academically disqualified, you will also have to satisfy those requirements.

Reinstatement Guidelines