Faculty Research

Faculty Research Interests Phone Office Email
Zaur Berkaliev
  • Mathematics Education
  • Elkonin-Davydov mathematics curriculum
  • Dynamic systems approaches to attitudes
    toward mathematics
  • PI, NSF DRK-12: PreK Early Algebra through
    Quantitative Reasoning ($366,227; 2010-
  • PI, NSF DRK-12 subaward: Measurement
    Approach to Rational Numbers ($179,779;
(530)898-4107 Holt 206 zberkaliev@csuchico.edu
Colette Calmelet
  • Biomathematics - Mathematical modeling
    and simulations of biological problems
  • Cell movements in developmental biology,
    zebrafish gastrulation, angiogenesis of
    the mouse retina
  • Cancer stem cells hypothesis
  • Dynamics in peritoneal dialysis
  • Bioinformatics - Mathematical methods in
    sequence analysis
  • Fluid dynamics - Study of multi-phase
    flows, micropolar fluids, porous media,
    blood flow through capillaries
(530)898-6895 Holt 212 ccalmelet@csuchico.edu
Nancy Carter
  • Applied Statistics
  • Sampling
  • Regression
  • Experimental Design
(530)898-6562 Holt 150 ncarter@csuchico.edu
Sergei Fomin
  • Mathematical modeling of mass
    transport in complex media
  • Mathematical modeling of tsunami
    wave dynamics
  • Mathematical modeling of non-Newtonian
    films in application to coating technology
    and polymer molding
  • Principal investigator of the NSF grant:
    Research Experiences in Mathematics
    for Undergraduates and Teachers (amount
    $339,600, years 2012-2015)
(530)898-5274 Holt 204 sfomin@csuchico.edu
Kathy Gray
  • Research interests focus on applying
    statistical techniques to the design,
    analysis, and interpretation of data
    arising from environmental studies
  • Bayesian statistics, analysis of large data
    sets, and randomization methods
(530)898-6329 Holt 112 klgray@csuchico.edu
Thomas Mattman
  • Knot Theory
  • Graph Theory
  • Research Experiences for Undergraduate
(530)898-4102 Holt 210 tmattman@csuchico.edu
Vladimir Rosenhaus
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
  • Nonlinear Wave Equations
  • Symmetry Lie Algebras
  • Conserved Quantities
  • Infinite Symmetries
  • Infinite Conservation Laws
(530)898-4108 Holt 219 vrosenhaus@csuchico.edu