Math Learning Lab

Meriam Library, 4th Floor

Math Learning Lab Hours:  10:00AM - 7:00 PM, Monday - Thursday

Earn a unit!  Enroll in Math 290, visit the lab and sign in 10 times to earn 1 unit of elective credit.

Math Learning Lab Tutor Schedule (subject to change)

How to use the Math Learning Lab

  • Bring your textbook, notes, laptop (if using online learning system).
  • Sign in, including Student ID#.
  • Ask for help - raise your hand.
  • Do your homework in the lab and ask if you need help.
  • Group with others in the same course and work together.
  • Bring your own calculator, pencils, etc.  We have whiteboards in the lab.

Math Tutor Role

The role of the tutors is not to give answers, but to teach students skills that they can apply to their current and future assignments, and in class.  Even if they aren't experts in your particular subject, they will look at it and try to figure it out.  We can't guarantee that we can help with every problem, but we will certainly try!

Other Tutoring Options

Become a Tutor!  Application Packet


Last Revised: April 2017