Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The role of mathematics is vital and growing, providing solutions to problems in a wide range of sciences: social, biological, physical, behavioral, and management. As a tool, mathematics is necessary for understanding and expressing ideas in science, engineering and human affairs.

Mathematics is integrally related to computer science and statistics, which have proven invaluable to advancing research and modern industrial technology. As a result, employment opportunities in the mathematical sciences are expected to continue to expand.

University Catalog: BS in Mathematics

The Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in Mathematics

Course Catalog: Single Subject Matter Preparation

Option in Applied Mathematics

Course Catalog: Option in Applied Mathematics

Option in General Mathematics

Course Catalog: General Option in Mathematics

Option in Math Education

Course Catalog: Option in Math Education

Option in Math Education-Credential Path

Course Catalog: Option in Math Education - Credential Path

Option in Statistics

Course Catalog: Option in Statistics