Developmental Math

In addition to supporting the Mission, Goals and Student Learning Outcomes of the Chico State Mathematics & Statistics Department, Developmental Mathematics courses focus on preparation for college level math courses and development of lifelong learning strategies.

Every student with remedial math status is expected to understand the CSU policy for Developmental Mathematics, Executive Order 665 (EO665).  The policy should be downloaded and read by every student.  READ IT, KNOW IT!

Official Policy for Developmental Mathematics EO665

Two Important Steps to Graduation

To ensure that your mathematics skills are adequate for success in college and in the career you eventually pursue, the following is required of all undergraduates.

STEP 1:  Take the ELM

Unless you are exempt, you are required to take the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) test before your first semester at CSU, Chico.

  • Important:  If you do not take the tests before your first semester, you will not be allowed to take any courses at the university.  If you think you are exempt, please check the Guide to Mathematics and Writing Requirements in the catalog or consult the Advising Office, SSC 220.
  • If you do not score 50 or above on the ELM, you are required to enroll in an Early Start Program (ESP)math course during the summer before your first semester.  You must successfully complete all developmental course requirements by the end of your second semester in order to be eligible to enroll at CSU, Chico in subsequent semesters.

STEP 2: Enroll into an Early Start (ESP) Summer Math course (exemptions may apply).

  • Note: Your current ELM score will determine the ESP Summer Math course for which you are eligible.  If you scored 50 or above on the ELM, you passed the ELM and may enroll in a General Education math course.  When you pass GE math with a C- or better, you will have met the math requirement for graduation.  You may need additional math courses, depending on your major.

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Entry Level Math Exam

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