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CSUC Math Student Opportunities

Teaching Internships

Students who take Math 114A and 114B (a class preparing teachers with teaching methods) are eligible for a teaching internship with the CSU Chico Math Department.

Math students get paid $1000 for the semester to team teach a Math 1A or Math 1B class on campus. This class is for those students who did not pass the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) test needed in order to graduate from C.S.U. Chico.

Students currently taking Math 114A and/or Math 114B assist the student interns by serving as paid in class assistants.

The class is taught in a very modern and structured way. This provides the interns with an opportunity to teach using non-traditional methods, which is a valuable skill in this day of change.

Students involved in the internship get experience with all aspects of planning lessons and activities. Student interns grade papers and tests and interact with the students daily.

Previous student interns have all applauded the experience and the program.

Contact the Math Department for more information.

Tutoring Opportunities

A math student can strengthen his/her own skills in doing and communicating mathematics, while making a little bit of money by engaging in tutoring in a private or public setting.

Individual Tutoring

  • Private Tutoring Referral List: A math student can submit their name to the math department office to be placed on the Private tutoring referral list.
  • Student Learning Center Tutoring: The Student Learning Center, located on the fourth floor of the library hires math tutors to tutor Chico State University students privately one hour at a time. You must submit an application to the center before the first week of the semester in order to be considered to be a tutor.

Public Tutoring

  • Math Lab Tutoring: The math lab hires tutors at the beginning of each semester to tutor student's math needs on a drop in basis. Student tutors must have completed three semesters of Calculus and have had at least two upper division math or statistics classes. Applications are available from the Math Department secretary and must be filled out and submitted at the beginning of the first week of the semester in order to be considered for a tutor position.

Grading Opportunities

There are opportunities to earn a little bit of money grading for professors in math classes, while getting experience with the trauma of assigning partial credit in the grading of papers. Students can submit an application to the Math Department Office before the first week of each semester to be eligible to be a grader.


The Math Department has a lot of Departmental Scholarships which it awards to undergraduate students majoring in Mathematics or Statistics.

  • Professor Philip Illof Mathematics Award
  • Michael Dixon Memorial Scholarship
  • Dixie Bell Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Alva W. and Aimee R. Stamper Scholarship
  • Professor Lloyd Cook Mathematics Award
  • Tory Parsons Memorial Scholarship
  • Emma Ruth Morford Mayers Memorial Award
  • Frank Burk Memorial Math Scholarship
  • Rich Campbell Math Scholarship Endowment
  • See the Math Department Web Site for more information and to get the Departmental Application.