Faculty and Staff Directory


Office Staff

Core Faculty

Patricia Tirado
Patricia Tirado is the latest Chicanx studies professor to the MCGS Department
Joshua M. Whittinghill
Joshua Myers Whittinghill is an EOP Advisor
Student Services Center 310
Mim. Roeder
Mim. Roeder is a faculty member of the MCGS department
Bow Lee

Affiliated Faculty

Tracy R. Butts

English Department

Ayde Enríquez-Loya

English Department

Liahna Gordon

Sociology Department

LaDona Knigge

Geography and Planning Department

Kate McCarthy

Chair of the Department of Comparative Religion and Humanities

Religious Studies Department

Anna B. Moore

English Department

Laura Nice

Humanities Center

Eugenie L. Rovai

Social Science Program

Stephen Sherlock

Political Science Department

Sarah Pike

Comparative Religion and Humanities Department

Marie Downing

Theatre Program



Amrit Kajla

School of Nursing

Gwin Richter

School of Nursing

Melody Proebstel

School of Social Work

Theodore Singelis

Psychology Department

Lessa Johnson

Sociology Department

Sinwoo Lee

History Department

Sandra Flake

English Department

Beth Shook

Anthropology Department

Sarah Gagnebin

Comparative Religion and Humanities Department

Meagan Meloy

Political Science & Criminal Justice Department

Diana Flannery

Health and Community Services Department