Liahna Gordon

Sexual Diversity Studies Coordinator
Sociology Department

Butte 631

Liahna Gordon's picture

As a sociologist, my areas of interest are sexuality, deviance, identity, and power. I teach courses on sexuality, contemporary social theory, and research methods.  Currently my research focuses on sex addiction. I am interested in how this disease went from unrecognized to widely accepted in the last 25 years and in macro issues related to this process: who has the power to determine “normal” and “abnormal” sexual behaviors; the economic interests that come in to play; and the role religion takes.  I am also coauthoring an article with a student on the formation of sexual identity from a sociological perspective.

I am the advisor for the Sociological Association of Chico State (SACS), and serve on the Board of Directors for Hillel/Jewish Student Union and on the Advisory Committee for the Women’s Center. I have also been an AIDS activist, and a leader in various LGBTQ organizations.