Maritza Mora

On this corner, weighing at mind-your-own-business and standing at a whooping five-foot-one-inch, is one of two student assistants for the Multicultural and Gender Studies Department: Maritza. Maritza is an English major and creative writing minor many have seen scuttling around campus, usually rushing to a class, or slowly ambling out of one. Maritza was born and raised in East Los Angles where diversity is painted in murals in the streets and alleyways. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Maritza grew up in a "Mexidorian" household, blending the rich Mexican and Salvadoran cultures of her parents into a passion for recognizing people's cultures as part of their identity while also acknowledging the individual strengths and challenges we face both because and in spite of ethnic or cultural backgrounds. 

Come into the office anytime, within open hours, of course, for a cheerful hello, some polite conversation, or even a healthy, insightful conversation about anything you would like; although sometimes busy with office work, Maritza will gladly speak to you while working in order to get a sense of all students in the program. She is here to assist all MCGS students, staff, and faculty with any and all issues, so don't be shy to ask any question!

Maritza Mora is the bespectacled, orange haired student assistant pictured here