The Lounge

Come one, come all!

The Lounge is an all new student hangout space created and located in the Multicultural and Gender Studies Department offices, located in Siskiyou 102. Students are welcome to come in and decompress, use our available computers, chill on our oh-so-comfortable couch or seats, and even reserve the room for group or club activities! Snacks are available for a quick bite between reading, studying, or even just fiddling around on your phone to kill time. 

Still not convinced?

If we can't sweet talk students into coming in during their spare time, perhaps reservations are something to tickle your fancy. There is a sign-up sheet at the door where students can find what time slots are available for reservation, and if students are too busy with courses and managing their time wisely, an email to the MCGS student assistant will herald a response with the time slots that are taken already.

discussion taking place in Lounge discussion in lounge