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Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a (de) Aztlan
For those of you who are bilingually impaired...
Movimiento- (Movement) Embodies an active approach to change within the community and to gain self determination.

Estudiantil- (Student) A student-lead organization.

Chicano/a- An indigenous word used to in this context to describe a person involved in a political struggle to correct injustice in our community.

Aztlan- The birthplace of the Aztecs.

Our Official Seal
We are a national student organization who's purpose is to recruit students into higher education, retain our cultural identity, preserve and study our history, maintain ties with the Chicano community, and to become politically active.
"La Union Hace La Fuerza"
Translation: "Unity Creates Power."
Mission Statement
MEChA is committed to advancing the civil and human rights of Chicano/a students on campus and supporting struggles in the community where possible. MEChA does this in the interest of uniting all Raza.

MEChA is aware and proud of the rich culture our people have and express this heritage in art, music, teatro, and baile folklorico presentations.

California State University, Chico MEChA is part of a national network of other college and high school MEChA's. Furthermore, while maintaining communication, we also support each other in our luchas.

In MEChA meetings and activities, all MEChistAs have the right to express their opinions in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation. In accordance with the practice of allowing all MEChistAs to give input, decision making is a collective process we accomplish together.

We are committed to heightening our awareness concerning the problems of discrimination and other obstacles that confront us in our endeavor to succeed in higher education.

We are committed to educating ourselves and the general population on the diversity of our people.

We are committed to providing the social and cultural atmosphere needed for students to make a more complete transition to this campus.

We are committed to promoting the academic efforts of our students and making higher education a reality for Raza students.