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MEChA is a training ground for leadership. Through participating and coordinating MEChA events, one can gain invaluable leadership skills. MEChA is a learning and fulfilling experience that helps develop a political consciousness. It provides a sense of familia.

A MEChistA is a Chicano/a student and community activist who is dedicated to articulating the politics of justice.

A MEChistA is the vein carrying life-sustaining blood from the heart of Aztlan to the open wounds of the exploited sectors in our community.

A MEChistA is a solitary supporter of the most hallowed causes, taking a stand in their terrain where others flaunt their ignorance and insensitivity.

Cesar Chavez Day Protest 2005

A MEChistA is a historian, rewriting the annals of time to include the contributions of our raza, lifting the intellectual embargo imposed on the illiterate masses.

A MEChistA accepts the cowardly challenge issued by opportunists, Vendidos, who search for their souls in a land with no cause and who usurp the loyalty and trust of our gente.

A MEChistA realizes that leadership entails the accurate articulation of the needs, wants, and aspirations for Mexicano immigrants, campesinos, Chicano/a youth, the hungry, the homeless, and the yet to be awakened, organized masses.

A MEChistA is a defender of the poor, a member of the vanguard seeking to upset the balance of power and dismantle the forces of colonialism and imperialism.

Christmas Program 2004

A MEChistA is viewed as a radical, an agitator, a revolutionary, characteristics that are despised by the "powers that be" in this land of apathy, false opulence, and vivid squalor.

A MEChistA is the proud inheritor of the most beautiful quality possessed by the true revolutionary, a deep and sincere love for justice, peace, democracy, and life.

A MEChistA is the shining light of liberty, a penetrating ray of hope that illuminates the road toward liberation and the transformation of a new society.

A MEChistA, above all else, is a passionate human being, yearning for the day when every man, woman, and child shall devour all that a just and free society has to offer.

A MEChistA holds much hope for the future, when equality and justice shall be the domain of the rightful inheritors of El Pueblo Mestizo, los ninos y las ninas de Aztlan.

Nationals 2005