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Since its creation at the Chicano Coordinating Council on Higher Education at UC, Santa Barbara in 1969, MEChA has grown into a national organization that encompasses thousands of politically conscious students. But in order for this organization to be as effective as our ideology requires us to be, there must be an effective system of communication. So as MEChA grew, various levels of organization were required to keep us, well... organized. Considering MEChA as a whole, begins at the National level, then progresses down to the Statewide level, then to Regional, Central, Chapter and finally down to the single, yet powerful MEChistA.
National MEChA
The vast sum of MEChA chapters throughout the United States is broken up into 10 regions that stretch from coast to coast.
Pacific Northwest
Mictlampa Cihuatlampa
Alta Califas Norte
Centro Califaztlan
Alta Califas Sur California
Calpulli Montanas del Norte Coast
Centro Aztlan
Southeast Tejaztlan
Tierra Mid-Atl
Este Aztlan
National MEChA meets once a year during the spring at the National MEChA Conference held at alternate regions throughout the nation.

In National MEChA each region has two representatives, a male and a female. These representatives make up the National MEChA Coordinator Council (NMCC). The council meets at alternating regions and travel expenses are funded by their respective regions, of which each chapter pays dues. The representatives discuss issues affecting their respective regions and the NMCC has the power to vote on important national issues on behalf of their region. This body is governed by the National MEChA Constitution.

Statewide MEChA
Because there is such a large concentration of MEChA chapters in California, the state is uniquely divided into three regions.
1. Alta Califas Norte
2. Centro Califaztlan
3. Alta Califas Sur
California Statewide MEChA is governed by the Statewide MEChA Constitution and meets twice a year at our MEChA Statewide Conferences, once in the Fall and again in the Spring. The location of the conferences alternates within the three regions.
MEChA Regions
Being in Northern California, Chico State MEChA is part of the Alta Califas Norte Region, which includes chapters from San Joaquin County all the way to the California/ Oregon boarder.

The Alta Califas Norte Region, which is respectively governed by the Alta Califas Norte Regional Constitution, convenes once a month at an officially recognized voting campus within the region. The meetings consist of discussions of issues relating to the National, State, Central, and Chapter levels. These meetings provide MEChistAs with an opportunity to network with other MEChA chapters and to gain a better understanding of MEChA.

MEChA Centrales
The Alta Califas Norte Region is made up of three centrales: Tlatokan Ameyal Central, Redwood Coast of Aztlan Central, and Penutian Central. Chico State MEChA is part of the Penutian Central which also consists of chapters from Sacramento, Yolo, and Solano counties.

The Penutian Central also meets once a month at a recognized MEChA voting campus and is governed by its own Penutian MEChA Central Constitution. The goals of the Central are to establish MEChA chapters within the counties that fall under the Central, to promote our cultura and historia, to create a working network of MEChA's throughout the Central, and to retain our Chicano/a identity.

MEChA Chapter
The MEChA chapter here at California State University, Chico is a recognized voting chapter within our region and it too has its own Chapter Constitution. Our general body meetings are held once a week during the school year in Chico State's Multicultural Center. The meetings consist of event planning, discussion of local and external issues that affect us as students, activists and raza, and implementation of MEChA ideology on our campus and in our community.
The MEChistA
While MEChA may be a large national organization consisting of thousands of students, everything MEChA stands for begins and ends with the individual. The MEChistA is at the heart of MEChA, without him or her there would be no warrior to fight for la causa.