Design Expo

2015 Expo Flyer ThumbThe Design Expo is an annual celebration of the culmination of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Capstone Design.  The Expo provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate the results of their year-long design projects.  It also provides an opportunity for the campus community, and the public, to observe the fine work done by our students.

The first part of the Expo is the Project Display, where student teams exhibit their designs along with a poster developed for the occasion.  Students perform demonstrations of their project hardware and are available to answer any questions.

The Project Display is followed by oral presentations from each project team.  In this final presentation, each group summarizes their entire project from design to build to test.

All members of the campus community and the public are invited to attend the Expo.  A special effort is made to arrange for high school and junior high students to attend.

The 2016 Design Expo is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday May 10th. You may download a flyer from last year's Expl by clicking the image at the right.

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