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Required CoursesMost Recent Syllabi
MECH 100 Graphics I MECH 100
MECH 100L Graphics I Laboratory MECH 100L
MECH 140 Intro to Engineering Design MECH 140
MECH 200 Graphics II MECH 200
MECH 208 Intro to Technical Computing MECH 208
MECH 210 Materials Science & Engr

MECH 210

MECH 306 Equation Solving Tech MECH 306
MECH 308 Finite Element Analysis MECH 308
MECH 320 Dynamics MECH 320
MECH 332 Thermodynamics MECH 332
MECH 338 Heat Transfer MECH 338
MECH 340 Mechanical Engr Design MECH 340
MECH 432 Energy Systems MECH 432
MECH 440A Mech Engr Design Proj I MECH 440A
MECH 440B Mech Engr Design Proj II MECH 440B
MECA 380 Measurements/Instrument MECA 380
MECA 482 Control System Design MECA 482
SMFG 160 Manufacturing Processes SMFG 160
Partial List of Elective Courses
MECH 408 Modeling and Simulation MECH 408
MECH 424 Mechanical Vibrations MECH 424
MECH 433 Solar Energy Engineering MECH 433
MECH 435 Low Speed Aerodynamics MECH 435
MECH 436 Air Pollution Control MECH 436
MECA 486 Motion/Machine Automation MECA 486