Educational Objectives

The Mechatronic Engineering Program's educational objectives are best framed in terms of goals for its graduates. Mechatronic Engineering graduates will:
  1. Be effective inter-disciplinary engineers and problem solvers.
  2. Be well educated in the basic engineering sciences and fundamentals of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.
  3. Be able to use engineering tools that will enhance their productivity.
  4. Be able to design, analyze, and test "intelligent" products or processes that incorporate suitable computers, sensors, and actuators.
  5. Be effective oral, written, and graphical communicators.
  6. Be able to function effectively as members of multidisciplinary teams.
  7. Have an appreciation for the individual, society, and human heritage, and be aware of the impact of their designs on human-kind and the environment.
  8. Be prepared for a variety of engineering careers, graduate studies, and continuing education.