Minor in Manufacturing

If you are interested in learning about manufacturing while pursuing a major in another area, consider minoring in manufacturing. The Minor Clearance Forms below list the course requirements including course prerequisites.

Minor Clearance Form 

To graduate with a Manufacturing Minor, at least one year prior to graduation you must submit a completed Manufacturing Minor Clearance Form to the Department Office and an on-line Application for Graduation to the Office of Admissions and Records. Click on the appropriate University Catalog year to view the Minor Clearance Form corresponding to the catalog requirements you will be graduating under.

Are you a Mechanical or Mechatronic Engineering major?

For Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering majors, the Manufacturing Minor requires only three more courses (SCMS 306, SCMS 441, and either MFGT 216 or MFGT 260 or MFGT 201). For Mechanical Engineering majors, one of these courses can be used to fulfill the technical elective required for the Mechanical Engineering major. If a Mechatronic Engineering major chooses the MFGT 201 option then MECH 200 will also have to be taken.

Are you a Business Administration major?

For Business Administration majors with an option in Production and Operations Management, the Manufacturing Minor requires only eight units/four more courses (MECH 100, MECH 100L, MFGT 160, and either MFGT 216 or MFGT 260 or both MECH 200 and MFGT 201).