Department Advisors

Bachelor of Arts in Music


General Music


Bradley Martin

General Music/Ethnomusicology

Office: PAC 106
Phone: 898-5572
E-mail: bemartin@csuchico.eduOffice

Office Hours:              TBA


Music Education


Michelle McConkey

Music Education / Music Education Advisor

Office: PAC 103 
Phone: 898-4639

Office Hours:                 TBA

Music Industry and Recording Arts


Alek Palmersmith

Music Industry & Recording Arts Advisor

Office: PAC 209
Phone: 898-4055

Office Hours:                TBA

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre


William Johnson

Acting and Directing

Office: PAC 213 
Phone: 530-898-4607


Office Hours:               TBA

Matthew T. Miller

Musical Theatre

Office: PAC 205
Phone: 530-898-5493

Office Hours:                  TBA