Success Stories

We take great pride in the successes of our colleagues and graduates.  We love to hear about success stories and how we have helped to shape the lives of those who have studied and worked here.  Below are some affirming communications from our alumni.

“In order to make it in New York City you’ve got to have more than book smarts—you’ve got to have real experience.  The Theatre Department at CSU Chico offered me endless opportunities to fully immerse myself in all things theatrical. That immersion has served me incredibly well as a director, writer, and founder of a company that’s dedicated to bringing theater to everyone, everywhere.”- Tim McDonald, Founder and CEO of iTheatrics

While attending CSU Chico's Theatre Dept I always had fun and felt like I was learning a lot. As a recent graduate I am now putting what I learned to the test as I embark on my first "real" theatre job as a Prop Master for an Equity Theatre. I know the skills I learned and the connections I made while studying at Chico got me to where I am today. With the wonderful classes I took and the unending support of the fantastic faculty and staff I know I got not only a good college education, but a great college experience." — Mercy DeHerrera, graduating senior

The experiences I had in the Theatre Department at Chico State gave me the confidence, skills, and leadership abilities to pursue a position as an entertainer at Walt Disney World. - Samantha Slack, 2010 grad

I find myself often saying that getting a theatre degree automatically put me 10 steps ahead of everyone else in the business.  My time at Chico State gave me training and technique that I utilize on a daily basis.  Going into an audition situation knowing that I have such a solid foundation instantly instills me with a confidence that not many other aspiring actors have. — Dedeker Winston, 2009 grad

"I was at my first professional callback and I looked around the room and out of the ten people there, six were from Chico!  There were over 400 people auditioning at this festival and 60% of the callbacks were for Chico State students. - Tyler Bennet, 2004 grad

"I wanted to tell you how much your class impacted me.  I have the best job here running the dance and theatre program.  Before your classes, I would have never seen myself doing anything with theatre.  Now all I do is live and breathe it.  Thank you so much for sharing your passion. - Cameo Fasulo, 2004 grad

"My education at CSU Chico opened my eyes to the full breadth of what theatre can be, leading to my current work exploring theatre for third world development as part of my service in the U.S. Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa." - Garrison Harward, 2010 graduate MUTH

"The theatre department at CSU, Chico was big enough to gather a wide range of thoughts, theories and ideas but small enough to receive individual attention and opportunities to put my education to practice. I also had the chance to work with the wonderful staff in the costume and scene shop to gain knowledge of practical skills as well as work with my peers to create our own works through Ink Blot Arts and other student groups."- Whitney Grace Krause, 2009 grad