Computer Bundle

The Department of Music and Theatre now requires all entering students to to own an Apple Macintosh laptop computer, peripherals, and software that meets certain minimum standards established by the department. This requirement is effective for the Fall 2011 semester. To make this purchase as simple and as inexpensive as possible, the University has established exclusive arrangements for student purchase of the required computers from Apple Computer (and sold through the University Bookstore), bundled with software and peripheral hardware from various companies.

This bulk purchase of computer hardware and software, provides a comprehensive system at an exclusive discount price that is well below the best open market price for a comparable package—a savings of approximately 30% based on latest available pricing. Financing the Laptop Package or any additional hardware and software requirements of the Major is the responsibility of the individual. Note, however, that many students receiving financial aid are eligible to fund the purchase of this computer with the proceeds of their aid package. This computer purchase program will enhance the educational goals of all and help in preparing students for success as they enter their professional career.

Package Contents

There are three bundles depending on a student’s major: two for Music, one for Theatre

  1. one bundle for the options of General Music and Music Industry 
  2. one bundle for the option of Recording Arts majors and students emphasizing in Composition within the General Music option. 
  3. one bundle for Theatre majors - 2013 information coming soon!

The specific bundle details, pricing,and purchasing details can be seen on the final page of this document. The computer comes with a three-year warranty via AppleCare which includes support from Apple Computer. In addition, support is available from the Associated Student’s Bookstore. The warranty ensures that Apple-authorized technicians will perform repairs, and parts and labor will be covered for three years. The AppleCare Protection Plan is subject to terms and conditions, which are provided on the AppleCare Protection Plan website at Some items are not covered under AppleCare’s warranty. Therefore, in addition to AppleCare it is recommended that an individual insures the computer with Safeware The Insurance Agency Inc. Information regarding Safeware can be found at This plan includes:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft
  • Power Surge
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Natural Disaster

Must additional software be purchased?

The Laptop Package includes all necessary software to cover the needs of the typical first-year curriculum. The purchase of other software is at the discretion of the individual. Some  specialized classes also require the purchase of additional software.

Financial Aid Information

If you are required to purchase the computer bundle and you are unable to afford the purchase out-of-pocket or with your current financial aid award, please contact the Financial Aid Office. If possible, they will increase your Cost of Attendance to include the additional computer expenses and process a new loan for you. You MUST use these loan proceeds to purchase the required computer system.

  • You must have filed a FAFSA to be eligible for loans funds. We will not be able to provide funds without a completed FAFSA.
  • The Financial Aid Office is able to do a one-time budget increase for the purpose of purchasing a computer.
  • There are no special loans designated for the above computer purchase. These loans are the standard Direct Subsidized or Direct Unsubsidized loans. Freshman are eligible for up to $3500/year, sophomores are eligible for up to $4500/year, and junior and seniors are eligible for up to $5500/year.
  • You must maintain all other relevant financial aid eligibility requirements to be eligible for the above funding.
  • If you have additional questions specific to eligibility determination or other financial aid related concerns, you may contact the Financial Aid Office (530-898-6451).

Who is required to purchase?

  • All Department of Music and Theatre Majors

If you have any questions feel free to contact the department office at 530-898-5152.