Option in Music Industry

The Music Industry Program with an option in Music Industry and Technology includes coursework in music, business, technology, and music industry. Areas of study include copyright,  management, marketing, and contracting and prepare students for further education or employment in various fields of music industry including business manager, personal manager,  and music law.

SOTA Productions, the practical learning and student-run component of the program, teaches students business skills and how to organize, manage, network, promote, and produce actual live shows and events on and off campus. Internship opportunities throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia also give students hands-on, real-life experiences and valuable insight into how the industry works.

Admission to the University

Students interested in any of our options should apply to the University during the initial admission application filing period of October 1 through November 30 for the following Fall semester. Applications submitted after November will not be accepted. If you have not yet applied for admission here are some additional web sites: California State University Chico’s main web page is at www.csuchico.edu. You can find information about admissions and apply online at www.csuchico.edu/admissions (this site includes links for freshmen, transfer students, international students, and graduate students). You can also email the University for information at info@csuchico.edu. The telephone number for Admissions is (530) 898-6321.

Computer Requirement

Curriculum Information

Degree Progress Worksheet


Alek Palmersmith

Office: PAC 209
Phone: 898-4055
E-mail: apalmersmith@csuchico.edu

Internship Coordinator

Dann Sargent

Office: PAC 201

Phone: 898-6735

Email: dsargent1@csuchico.edu