The Theatre program provides focused, pre-professional training within the context of broad, liberal arts study. Through a program of applied studio courses, workshops, and full productions, students learn an immediately useful set of theatre skills to prepare them for entry-level professional theatre employment or advanced study in professional theatre training programs and graduate schools. Concurrent study of textual analysis, literature, and history help them place the theatre within its larger historical and cultural context and to think critically, reason clearly, imagine creatively and communicate effectively about theatre and the world of which it is a part.

The program accomplishes its goals with two separate BA programs that share a common foundation in history, literature, and aesthetic principles.


Theatre is a self-directed degree. After completing the core classes, students select a mix of electives which may concentrate on specific fields of theatre craft, such as acting or technical theatre/design, or they may choose to generalize and work in several different areas.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a prescribed degree. After completing the core classes, students focus their studies specifically on musical theatre performance in the areas of acting, voice, singing, music, and dance.

Theatre and Musical Theatre Dance Minors

Theatre and Musical Theatre Dance provide courses and production opportunities for students in other majors who wish to add intellectual and practical understanding of theatre to their college experience and résumé.

In addition to class work, much of the learning and teaching is coordinated with and supplemented by the department’s extensive co-curricular program of full and workshop productions.

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