Chico Consortium for the National Network for Educational Renewal (NNER)

One way that the SOE models collaboration is through our membership in the National Network for Educational Renewal. Begun in 1986 by John Goodlad, a leading researcher and writer in the field of education, the NNER seeks to foster school-university partnerships engaged in the simultaneous renewal of schools and the education of those who work in them.? Membership requires a partnership of Arts and Sciences, Education, and K-12 schools. Central to the work of the NNER are the four moral dimensions for teaching in a democracy:

  • Provide access to knowledge for all children
  • Educate the young for citizenship in a social and political democracy
  • Base teaching on knowledge of the subjects taught, established principles of learning, and sensitivity to the unique potentials of learners
  • Take responsibility for improving the conditions for learning in the entire school and university community

Faculty at CSU, Chico have been participating in activities of the NNER since the late 1990s, and the university is a charter member of the California Coalition for Educational Renewal (CCER). We have begun our CSU, Chico NNER Consortium with superintendents from three Northern California county offices of Education, six school districts from those counties, and the deans of four colleges of the university. Members of the consortium have identified four priorities on which to focus our efforts: (1) Improving math and science instruction, (2) Providing for teacher collaboration and professional development, (3) Meeting the need for new, topnotch K-12 school leadership, and (4) Using technology for learning. Through our partnership, and with support from our membership in the NNER, we will seek innovative, research-based solutions to these challenges facing our schools.

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