Professional Dispositions

Effective candidates should enter our programs with certain dispositions and continue to develop and demonstrate those dispositions through the experiences provided in our professional programs. The School of Education has identified the following dispositions as critical to effective educators:

  1. The candidate appreciates and values human diversity, recognizes community and cultural norms, shows respect for students' varied talents and perspectives, seeks to foster culturally appropriate communications and demonstrates best practices in his or her field.
  2. The candidate believes that all children can learn, appreciates their varying abilities, and persists in helping all children achieve success.
  3. The candidate is committed to continuous, self-directed learning, critical thinking and reflection in order to refine instructional practice and deepen knowledge in the academic disciplines.
  4. The candidate demonstrates pride in the education profession and participates in collaborative relationships with colleagues, students, parents, and social and professional communities and agencies.
  5. The candidate is committted to the expression and use of democratic values and to the creation ofa learning environment that fosters active engagement in learning and encourages positive social interaction.

Learning activities and assessments in both coursework and fieldwork provide opportunities for candidates to engage in behaviors that demonstrate these dispositions. Candidates are assessed on these dispositions at entry, advancement and exit points of the programs. When candidates exhibit behaviors counter to these dispositions, opportunities for advising and remediation are provided.

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