Professional Education Programs

Although begun as a single program of teacher preparation, the CSU, Chico School of Education has grown and diversified over the years to meet the needs of candidates, of schools, and of the education profession. Today, although largely located in two departments of the College of Communication and Education, the SOE programs reside in six academic departments and three colleges. An illustration of the structure of the SOE can be found in the SOE Organizational Chart. The School of Education offers multiple pathways leading to initial credentials in Multiple Subject (elementary education), Single Subject (secondary education) and Special Education. These program pathways are housed primarily in two departments, Education and Professional Studies in Education, with three of the Single Subject programs being offered jointly with the departments of Kinesiology and Agriculture. At the advanced level, the School of Education offers a master's in education with six options, all but two of which include advanced credential and/or certification options. All of these are offered through the Department of Education and the Department of Professional Studies in Education. The departments of Psychology and Communication Arts and Sciences offer two additional master's programs with advanced credentials.

The initial teacher credential programs in the School of Education include the following pathways:

The initial credential programs in Special Education include:

Advanced Programs:

The master's degree programs include:

The master's degree programs with advanced credential and certification options include: