1.4 Exhibits for Standard 1

1.4.a State program review documents and state findings

  • 1.4.a.1 Single Subject-CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.2 Multiple Subject - CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.3 SPED_CTCFeedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.4 Admin - CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.5 Ag Specialist - CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.6 Bilingual -CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.7 CMSD-CTC Feedback.pdf
  • 1.4.a.8 CSUChico.Biennial Report 09-11.doc
  • 1.4.a.9 BiennialReportCTCResponse2011.pdf

1.4.b Title II reports submitted to the state for the previous three years

  • 1.4.b.1 Fa10-Sp11 TitleII-Traditional.pdf
  • 1.4.b.2 Fa10-Sp11 TitleII-Intern.pdf
  • 1.4.b.3 Fa11-Sp12 TitleII-Traditional.pdf
  • 1.4.b.4 Fa11-Sp12TitleII-Intern.pdf
  • 1.4.b.5 Fa12-Sp13TitleII-Traditional.pdf
  • 1.4.b.6 Fa12-Sp13 TitleII-Intern.pdf

1.4.c Key assessments and scoring guides used for assessing candidate learning against professional and state standards as well as proficiencies identified in the unit's conceptual framework

  • 1.4.c.1 Key AssessmentDescriptions.docx
  • 1.4.c.2 Initial Program Rubrics and Forms.pdf
  • 1.4.c.3 MAinEd Rubrics & Forms.pdf
  • 1.4.c.4 PPS Rubrics & Forms.pdf
  • 1.4.c.5 CMSD Rubrics & Forms.pdf
  • 1.4.c.6 EdAdmin Rubrics & Forms.pdf

1.4.d Aggregate data on key assessments, including proficiencies identified in the unit's conceptual framework

1.4.e Key assessments and scoring guides used for assessing professional dispositions, including fairness and the belief that all students can learn

  • 1.4.e.1 DispoKeyAssessAligned.doc
  • 1.4.e.2 DispositionFormandRubric.pdf

1.4.f Aggregate data on key assessments of candidates' professional disposition

  • 1.4.f Disposition Data.docx

1.4.g Examples of candidates' assessment and analysis of P-12 student learning

  • 1.4.g ExamplesP-12StudentLearning.docx

1.4.h Examples of candidates' work (e.g., portfolios at different proficiency levels) from programs across the unit

  • 1.4.h.1 Multiple Subject EL PACT Condensed.pdf
  • 1.4.h.2 SingleSubject HSS PACT Condensed.pdf
  • 1.4.h.3 Bilingual PAAID.pdf
  • 1.4.h.4 SPED672 Framing Routine Sample.docx
  • 1.4.h.5 RTR EDTE 664Unit.docx
  • 1.4.h.6 MAinEd- Thesis Project.docx
  • 1.4.h.7 PPS academic intervention ppt.pdf
  • 1.4.h.8 CMSD 632 Experimental Research.pdf
  • 1.4.h.9 EDAD 613 Adequacy Right Now Sample .docx

1.4.i Aggregate data on follow-up studies of graduates

  • 1.4.i CandidateFeedbackYearOut.pdf

1.4.j Aggregate data on employer feedback on graduates

  • 1.4.j.1 Employer FeedbackYearOut .pdf
  • 1.4.j.2 Employer Feedback IAP 2014.pdf

1.4.k Data collected by state and/or national agencies on performance of educator preparation programs and the effectiveness of their graduates in classrooms and schools, including student achievement data, when available

  • 1.4.k Student Learning Data.docx