Areas of Improvement

2.3 Areas for Improvement Cited in the Action Report from the Previous Accreditation Review

Summarize activities, processes, and outcomes in addressing each of the AFIs cited for the initial and/or advanced program levels under this standard.

 Standard 2, Area 1: The unit does not systematically collect, analyze, and use data on key assessments for program improvement.

 This was an area of improvement cited for our Master's in Education Pathways.

These pathways have implemented a system for collecting, analyzing and reporting on data for student learning outcomes. As part of our campus WASC assessment, the MA in Education pathways submit Annual Program Reports each fall (2.4.g.2). In fall of 2012, one of the two student learning outcomes (SLOs) that were assessed focused on academic writing. Based upon writing samples collected upon entry and advancement to candidacy, faculty in the MA program learned that students were struggling with the use of APA style in writing. In response, at monthly meetings, faculty are collectively reviewing student writing samples, revising the School of Education Graduate Writing Rubric to focus on APA style and engaging in discussions to ensure that this focus is articulated throughout coursework. The second focus SLO was use of technology. To inform this goal, advanced programs added exit survey questions that measure student and faculty use of technology. As a result of this data, faculty have engaged in professional development to strengthen their use of technology, such as online grading tools that can be used by faculty to evaluate candidates and used by candidates to evaluate student work.