Want to shape the future? Net Impact internships provide a great opportunity for students to make a difference on their campus and in their community. Interns are given the opportunity to excel in a professional environment and hone transferable, work-related skills. These projects require commitment, self-motivation, and creativity. Project descriptions are provided below:

Chapter Committees

Chapter Committees are teams that are created to assist Chapter Leaders in maintaining our chapter vitality. It is designed to manage our chapter, promote growth, and ensure its future advancement.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is managed by the Public Relations Director and Media Committee. This committee however is overseen by the Director of Marketing. Roles and responsibility include: • Assists the Director of Marketing as needed • Focuses mainly on marketing events through flyers, posters, whiteboard campaign, etc. (non media marketing) • Liaison between the committees to ensure accurate marketing information • Generate new marketing ideas • Responsible for birthday grams • Video Promotion

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is managed by the Fundraising Commissioner. This committee however is overseen by the Chief Financial Officer. Roles and responsibility include: • Assists the Chief Financial Officer • Brainstorm, evaluate, arrange, and assist in coordinating fundraisers • Attend a revenue sharing workshop once per semester • Liaison between Director of Marketing • Reimburse people as needed (i.e. for printing costs, pizza, etc.) • Periodically check the Net Impact mailbox for any pertinent letters/flyers

Social/ Community Event Committee

The Fundraising Committee is managed by the Community Out-Reach Liaison. This committee however is overseen by the Director of Events. Roles and responsibility include: • Assists the Director of Events as needed • Liaison between Net Impact and local businesses • Focus on community outreach and participation in our events • Assist the Director of Events in coordinating on campus events (i.e. Freecycle, Cats in the Community, Choose Chico Day) • Recognition to donors • Actively recruiting to community events • Assists the Director of Events in coordinating social events (i.e. bowling, intern socials) • Collaborating with other student organizations • Actively recruiting members to social events

Impact Events

Impact Events are committees that are created to provide our members educational and professional opportunities. It is designed to manage our chapter, promote growth, and ensure its future advancement.

MAP Program

MAP Program is developed to enhance our professional skills and offer networking and educational opportunities. Roles and Responsibilities include: Continue relationship with Career Center Implement Green Career Forum Implement Project Management Forum Speaker Panel Further our Professionalism

Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs Challenge is continued program that measures the impact of saving energy through taking the stairs. This is designed as a campaign to encourage energy conservation. Roles and Responsibilities include: Collaboration with Green Campus Posting Art Work in Stairways Labeling Stairways Working with Facilities Management

Presentation Team

The Presentation Team brings awareness to the campus community through presenting workshops at two of California's largest student run conferences: Fall CSSC Convergence Spring CSSC Convergence This Way to Sustainability Conference

Impact Programs

Impact Programs are separate programs under the umbrella of CSU, Chico Net Impact. It is designed to continue our growth and offer new opportunities to our members. These programs are more specific and are a program by itself.

Service Corps Program

The Service Corps Program is newly implemented program that requires members to consult local businesses on what specific changes they can make to make their businesses more sustainable. This program requires working directly with specific businesses.

Small Steps, Big Wins

Small steps, big wins is a newly implemented program supported by Net Impact Central. This program is designed to encourage and inspire students that they are creating change even if they are doing small steps such as walking or biking to school. This program is headed by the Campus Director and will remain in close contact with Net Impact Central.

Event Committee

Students on this project team will focus on collaborating with other groups on campus in order to move forward a collective goal of promoting sustainability. This project gives interns and members the opportunity to work on smaller, regular events and will also focus on organizing a Managing for Sustainability Forum and in collaboration with the PMG the Project Management Forum.


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