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Fall Ethics Series Explores Universal Health Care

Date: 10-09-2007

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Marcel Daguerre

The Center for Applied and Professional Ethics (CAPE) at California State University, Chico will sponsor a forum on universal health care as its first fall 2007 forum. “Universal Health Care: Does Justice Require It or Forbid It?” will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 17, at 7:30 pm in PAC 134.

Some of the questions that will be discussed during the forum include

• Should California or the United States enact legislation designed to bring health insurance to all?
• Is it disgraceful that the United States is the only industrialized Western nation without guarantees of health care for all?
• Or is it an admirable sign of our commitments to freedom and responsibility?

“Clearly, some people are luckier than others when it comes to their health, both in terms of their natural endowments and their access to adequate care,” said Marcel Daguerre, director of CAPE. “In this forum, we will be looking at whether the differences are unjust or merely unfortunate. We will look at equality from two vantage points: Does our commitment to equality, the notion that everyone’s life matters and matters equally, require us to meet everyone’s basic health care needs; or does our commitment to liberty require us to refrain from forcing our fellow citizens to pay for the care of others?”

Members of the forum panel will include Donna Kemp, political science department, CSU, Chico; Eric Gampel, philosophy department, CSU, Chico; and guest Fred Foldvary, economics department, Santa Clara University.

The Center for Applied and Professional Ethics promotes ethical reflection about issues of concern within and outside the University. For more information on the center, contact the director, Marcel Daguerre, at 530-898-4840.