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New Online Certification Program for Pavement Professionals

Date: 09-19-2007

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Denny Gier
Construction Management

A new online certification program for the California Pavement Preservation Center (CP2C) is being developed for people who work in the pavement preservation field. Denny Gier, pavement engineer with the Department of Construction Management, College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management, is in charge of the project.

The first course, Strategies for Selecting Pavement Preservation Techniques, will be fully online for spring semester 2008, which begins in January.

The CP2C online certificate program in pavement preservation offers a unique course of study for those seeking advanced knowledge in the field. The program examines both the technical and business aspects of pavement preservation. The program is aimed at those people with training in the field at the baccalaureate level and also those people who have the equivalent field experience. The certificate program is designed to augment existing skill sets through a rigorous examination of topics related to pavement preservation.

Successful participants in the certificate program will complete 12 graduate semester units in pavement preservation course work delivered entirely online using CSU, Chico’s WebCT Vista technology and the World Wide Web. The program makes evaluation of participants through written quizzes, assignments, discussions, and papers all delivered online. Residency is not required.

“Being completely online means people working in any organization that is dealing with pavement preservation will be able to expand their knowledge of current ‘best’ practices in pavement preservation from anywhere in the world.” said Gier.

Participants may apply either as regularly enrolled CSU, Chico students or through Open University at the Center for Regional and Continuing Education.

The California Pavement Preservation Center is a research organization within the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management. The center is funded by the California Department of Transportation, Division of Maintenance. Center partners include Caltrans, Pavement Preservation Task Group, Western Pavement Preservation Partnership, and the California Integrated Waste Management Board. Tom Ferrara, PE, serves as director of the center, while Gary Hicks, PE, is the technical director.

For more information about the online course or the Pavement Preservation Center, contact Gier at 530-898-5981, or e-mail him at dgier@csuchico.edu.