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CSU, Chico American Language & Culture Institute Offers Conversation Partner Opportunity

Date: 03-01-2010

Joe Wills
Public Affairs
Melissa McGowan
Regional & Continuing Education

California State University, Chico’s American Language & Culture Institute (ALCI) welcomes a new group of international students from around the globe to campus this week.

These students will be participating in a program of intensive English language instruction, and a variety of social and cultural activities. One important opportunity for the international students is ALCI’s Conversation Partner program. ALCI is currently inviting CSU, Chico students, staff and faculty to consider signing up to be a conversation partner.

ALCI’s conversation partners meet weekly to chat in informal situations, allowing ALCI students to improve their English and learn about American culture and society. In return, community members have a unique chance to learn about a new culture and make and international friendship that can last a lifetime.

ALCI students come from many different countries, and the newest group includes guests from South Korea, Japan, Jordan, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, China, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. These students also have varying English speaking abilities, and appreciate the chance to practice the language with conversation partners.

A former Japanese program participant, Akira Orikasa, said, “For the first time since I began studying English, I am able to speak comfortably. The social activities that ALCI organizes have given me the chance to practice English in a fun way.”

If you are interested in becoming a conversation partner, you can sign up using our online form. If you have any questions, please email Whitney at alciconversation@gmail.com or call the ALCI office at 530-898-6821.