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‘The Birds of Bidwell Park’ Is Now Available

Date: 05-26-2010

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Roger Lederer, Professor emeritus
Biological Sciences

“The Birds of Bidwell Park,” authored by Roger J. Lederer and illustrated by Carol E. Burr, has recently been published. Lederer is a professor emeritus in the Department of Biological Sciences and Burr is a professor emerita in the Departments of English and Multicultural and Gender Studies, California State University, Chico.

The book includes more than 80 illustrations, and, although not a comprehensive field guide, according to Lederer, the book will enable anyone taking a casual stroll or a long hike to identify almost any of the birds they might see.

“Bidwell Park is a wonderful place to see birds because it is both semi-wild and very accessible,” said Lederer. “It is good bird watching for both the beginner and the expert. Nearly 200 species of birds have been seen in Bidwell Park. Some of those are seen only at certain times of the year and others rarely.”

The book is available at the Big Chico Creek Nature Center, the gateway to and official information center for Bidwell Park. It also is available at local bookstores.