CSU, Chico News

The Corpse Flower is About to Flower Again

Date: 05-26-2010

Kathleen McPartland
Public Affairs
Tim Devine
CSU, Chico Greenhouse

In the greenhouse at California State University, Chico, the Amorphophallus titanum, or “corpse flower,” is about to flower again for only the third time. The rare plant is a native to the rain forests of Sumatra and can reach heights of six feet tall. Its blooms typically last only one or two days and smell much like rotting flesh.

“It first flowered in June of 2004 and flowered again in May of 2007, so appears to have a three-year schedule,” said Tim Devine, greenhouse keeper.

“Ted the Titan,” a corpse flower at UC Davis, just flowered for the fourth time and has flowered every two years since its first flowering, said Devine. His best guess is that the inflorescence on the specimen in the CSU, Chico greenhouse will open around the first of next week, although it could open sometime during the coming weekend.

For more information, please contact Devine at 530-898-5121.