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CSU, Chico Professor Appointed as Site Director for Northeast California Arts Project

Date: 12-16-2013

J. Paul DiMaggio
School of the Arts
Joe Wills
Public Affairs

Teresa Cotner, associate professor of the California State University, Chico Department of Art and Art History, has been appointed as the site director for the Northeast California Arts Project. NCAP is a regional chapter of The California Arts Project (TCAP), a statewide collaboration between pre-K through 12th-grade teachers and university scholars primarily concerned with professional development of art curriculum and outreach to education faculty.

“It’s all about the arts,” Cotner said. “What we’re really focused on is research-supported methods of curriculum development and teaching.”

TCAP’s outreach methods include workshops and professional development days when representatives from the program go into California schools and talk to teachers about current trends in art education. Art teachers and multi-subject teachers at the elementary level are targeted and invited to include arts-based teaching methods in their classrooms. The program also reaches out to school administrators such as superintendents, principals and other school officials who have questions about arts education.

“Collaboration is really an important idea in the approach that TCAP takes to improving teaching — teachers coming together and collaborating on big ideas and big issues and coming up with new approaches to education,” said Cotner.

Bob Knight, dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts at CSU, Chico, said Cotner’s her expansive experience as an arts educator and advocate make her a valuable asset to both CSU, Chico and TCAP.

“Teresa’s appointment to this position really is a statement about Chico State’s mission to be a cultural resource for the North State,” said Knight. “It will be great to have one of our own out there making changes.”