CSU, Chico News

University Announces Launch of North State Initiative Website

Date: 02-14-2013

Joe Wills, Director
Public Affairs
Jeff Layne, Director of Distance Education
Center for Regional and Continuing Education

California State University, Chico has launched its North State Initiative website that displays campus activities connecting the University with residents of its service area. The website address is www.csuchico.edu/northstate.

Last spring, building on the long tradition of serving the North State and in recognition of the University’s 125th anniversary, President Paul Zingg appointed the North State Initiative Task Force. The role of the task force is to provide the campus community with insight about how it currently meets its obligations as a regional, comprehensive university, and how it might increase its value to the region. This website is one outcome of the North State Initiative Task Force’s work over the past year.

“We know that Chico State faculty, staff and students connect with our North State neighbors in many valuable ways. We saw an opportunity to gather this information in one central place and then communicate it through a North State Initiative website,” said Debra Barger, dean of Regional and Continuing Education and Task Force chair.

As President Zingg asserted in last spring’s Convocation, “No story rings more true; no story connects more powerfully the work of faculty, staff and students together … than the story of our service to our city, region, state and, even, beyond.”

CSU, Chico serves the North State in many ways: through the arts, research, civic engagement and service learning; by increasing the college-going population; and by improving the health and well-being of residents in its service area communities.

The North State Initiative website portrays, by county, the many links that reinforce the University’s regional role. CSU, Chico serves the largest area of any California State University campus: 12 counties, 32,000 square miles and about 21 percent of the state, much of it rural.

For more information, contact Jeff Layne, Regional and Continuing Education, at 530-898-5703, or e-mail jlayne@csuchico.edu.