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New Secrets of Circles Exhibit Opens at Gateway May 8

Date: 04-25-2013

Robert Larkin, Marketing Coordinator
Joe Wills
Public Affairs

What do a bagel, a ball and a banana all have in common? Cut them through the center, and each one has a circle inside! This is just one of many secrets you may find in a new exhibition at the Gateway Science Museum.

What other secrets can circles possibly have? They pose no enigma. They are extremely familiar. In fact, they are simply everywhere! And therein lies the mystery. Why are they everywhere? What makes them the best shape for both pizza and car wheels? Why are bubbles and the sun and the iris of your eye all circles? So simple, and yet so incredibly powerful, the circle is found in nature and used in many ways by people throughout time and across cultures. Why?

Visit Secrets of Circles, opening May 8 at the Gateway. Explore this intriguing phenomenon with 18 original exhibits that place visitors at the center of experiences rich with the math, science, engineering and beauty of circles. Whether you are drawing a perfect glow-in-the-dark circle at the Compass Table, building your own gear contraptions in Gear Up or climbing inside the Giant Tire and discovering what it takes to make it move, children and adults alike are uncovering the properties of a simple shape with powerful applications.

Secrets of Circles was designed to intrigue a wide range of ages, as well as visitors from different backgrounds. Signage is trilingual (in English, Spanish and Vietnamese), and spaces are wheelchair accessible. The rich colors, beautiful bamboo plywood, eco-friendly building materials and cultural and historical artifacts within the exhibit represent people and circles from around the world and over time.

Secrets of Circles was created by Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose and is on a three-year tour of science centers and children’s museums throughout the nation.

Secrets of Circles will be open May 8 through Sept. 1 at the Gateway Science Museum. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 5 p.m., and is located at 625 Esplanade, next to Bidwell Mansion. For further information, please call 530-898-4121 or visit www.gatewayscience.org.