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Six Seated Judges and CSU, Chico Alumni to Address Legal Students May 1

Date: 04-26-2013

Sarah Langford
Public Affairs
Teddy DeLorenzo
Coordinator, Legal Studies Internships

Six seated judges will address students of California State University, Chico’s Legal Studies program in a special panel discussion on Wednesday, May 1, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in Selvester’s Café. All are alumni of the CSU, Chico Department of Political Science.

During the panel discussion, “Public Service in the Judiciary,” the judges will trace their journeys from CSU, Chico to their current assignments on the bench and address how, through their positions, they are making a difference in people’s lives and the community.

Besides being alumni of CSU, Chico, the judges are also former interns at the campus’ Community Legal Information Center (CLIC), a student-run, nonprofit organization that provides free legal information to students and community members, and internships to legal students. The judges will receive a tour of the CLIC at 10 a.m. and attend a private lunch and dinner with professor emeritus Ed Bronson, who founded the CLIC more than 40 years ago and is underwriting the day's activities.

Teddy DeLorenzo, legal studies internship coordinator, says the event is a rare opportunity for current legal students and aspiring attorneys to interact with prestigious alumni and learn about their paths to success.

“These six judges represent the best of what we are so proud of at CSU, Chico – students who serve the public with honor and dignity, making difficult decisions and contributing to their communities,” DeLorenzo said. “At this event, students will be able to talk with attorneys who have achieved perhaps the highest position available in their field and hear about their journey from students in the Department of Political Science and CLIC interns to law school, law practice and ultimately the bench.”

The judges are

  • Linda Lofthus, Superior Court Judge, San Joaquin County, Class of 1975
  • Benjamin Ray Simpson, District Judge, Kootenai County District Court, Idaho, Class of 1981
  • Coleen Nichols, Superior Court Judge, Placer County, Class of 1981
  • Michael Candela, Superior Court Judge, Butte County, Class of 1983
  • Kristi Culver Kapetan, Superior Court Judge, Fresno County, Class of 1985
  • Eric Bradshaw, Superior Court Judge, Kern County, Class of 1980

The event coincides with the American Bar Association’s Law Day on May 1, which calls for reflecting on the ideal of equality under the law and the work that remains to be done to end any and all human and civil rights injustices. The year 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation.