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California State University, Chico’s College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Awards Annual Scholarships

Date: 12-15-2016

Sean Murphy
Public Affairs

California State University, Chico’s College of Behavioral and Social Sciences recently celebrated some of its remarkable and deserving students with scholarships.

Seventy scholarships and more than $86,500 were awarded at the annual College of BSS Scholarship Award Ceremony, honoring the achievements of its students.

Many recipients have come from “backgrounds of less than desirable circumstances,” said Administrative Support Coordinator of the Dean's Office for the College, Rebecca Belser.

“The adversity they overcome to even step foot on a college campus, let alone thrive, is not only a rarity, but a feat in and of itself,” Belser said. “They are re-entry students, single parents and individuals who have truly beaten the odds. In a nutshell, they are both inspiring and extraordinary.”

After BSS Dean Eddie Vela expressed his welcome at the ceremony, scholarships were handed out in each of the college’s 11 departments.


  • Gerson Palacios: Joanne Adams Memorial Anthropology Scholarship
  • Ariel Peasley: Edna May Johnson Memorial Museum Scholarship
  • Kristen Broehl: Keith L. Johnson Scholarship
  • Martha Diaz: Turhan A. Murad Memorial Scholarship

Child Development

  • Sasha Thomas-Brown: Child Development Emeriti Faculty Scholarship
  • Julissa Gomez: Dr. Cindy Ratekin Scholarship
  • Nicole Reynoso: Doris Woods Lynch Scholarship
  • McClain McCormack: Florence V. Ritchie Scholarship
  • Khue Xiong: Luella Hopton Madsen Scholarship
  • Karlie Garcia: Professor Melissa Groves Scholarship in Child Development


  • Russell Moeai: John Smale Scholarship for Excellence in Economics

Geography and Planning

  • Thomas Mello: David W. Lantis Geography Scholarship
  • Jon Caldeira and Thomas Mello: Dustin Granville Memorial Scholarship
  • Aanisa Williams: Margaret Trussell Geography Scholarship
  • Aanisa Williams: Meuter/Swor Memorial Geography Scholarship

Health and Community Services

  • Jasmine Cuellar: Evelyn G. Narad Health Science Scholarship

Multicultural and Gender Studies

  • Margaret Van Der Bie: Jen O’Hare Women’s Studies Scholarship
  • Stephanie Watson: Multicultural and Gender Studies Scholarship
  • Maria Garcia: Natividad Lucero Scholarship

Political Science and Criminal Justice

  • Henry Ramos: Alice W. Patten and Lois Needham Memorial Scholarship
  • Margaret Van Der Bie: Bob Sherrard Award
  • Shereen Basi and Danielle Smart: Community Legal Information Center Bronson Fellows
  • Shereen Basi, William Mendoza-Cuevas and Sidney Wills: Bronson Excellence in Legal Studies Merit Award
  • Juliette David: Carl and Katie Thomas Scholarship
  • Grace Smith: The Honorable Mike Thompson Political Science Scholarship
  • Logan Wolverton: John G. Sanzone Memorial Scholarship
  • Grace Smith: Lew D. Oliver Scholarship —International Relations
  • Alexander Sanchez: Matilda K. and Maurice E.S. Brunelle Scholarship
  • Juliette David: Michele Shover Political Science Scholarship
  • Meghan Rodriguez: Patrick Kevin Malarkey Memorial Scholarship
  • Melinda Sanchez: Paul DiGirolamo Memorial Scholarship
  • Sidney Wills: Ralph and Ruth Choisser Law Scholarship
  • Grace Smith: Royce D. Delmatier Scholarship
  • Parker Rhodes: Robert S. Ross Memorial Scholarship
  • Edgar Sanchez: Willis Clay Geer Memorial Scholarship


  • Hugo Veronica: Edith Brask Memorial Scholarship
  • Jasmine Buck, Grace Gaberson, Ashley Hanson, Douglas Minton, Amethyst Steinmann and Celeste Torres-Luis: Hugh M. Bell Memorial Scholarship
  • Carlos Gutierrez Reyes: Joell, A. Williams Memorial Scholarship
  • Candace Henrikson: Melinda Norlie Scholarship
  • Kevin Click: Paul S. Spear Memorial Scholarship
  • Jesse Downard: Peter C. Apostolakos Psychology Scholarship
  • Robert Lester: Ritch C. North Scholarship
  • Sabrina Carper: Warren R. Coleman Memorial Scholarship

Social Science

  • Nicole Simonsen: Aurelia Haehn Memorial Scholarship

Social Work

  • Elian Lopez: Archie McDonald Social Work Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Yarlin Garcia Palomares: Art Preciado Memorial Scholarship
  • Justin Sherman: Froilan Frias Master of Social Work Memorial Scholarship
  • Kate Scowsmith: Gary Bess Associates Macro Social Work Scholarship
  • Mindy Johnson: Jan O’Donnell MSW Scholarship
  • Andrew Caldwell: Lois McDonald Master of Social Work Scholarship
  • Corinna Williams: Mary D. French Scholarship
  • Melissa Castro: North State Aging Scholarship


  • Jonathan Koussa and Roopinder Virk: Dr. Barbara Hollands Peevers Scholarship
  • Aralia Ramirez: Travis Williams Humanitarian Scholarship

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Academic and Performance Recruitment Scholarships

  • Rachel Geiger (Psychology), Jolene Lazzareschi (Social Work), Victoria Lopez (Criminal Justice) and Lacey Lorenzen (International Relations): BSS Academic and Performance Scholarship
  • Sarah Meyer (Legal Studies): BSS Entering Student Scholarship
  • Vanessa Kort (Child Development) and Madeline Olwert (Child Development): James O. Haehn Scholarship
  • Demitrius Thomas (Sociology): Jane Miller and Ruth D. Harris (Cameron) Scholarship

Lt. Robert Merton Rawlins Merit Award

  • Daniel Beaky (Criminal Justice and Public Administration), Jose Heredia (Criminal Justice and Sociology) and Joseph Smith (Psychology)

President’s Scholars Program

  • Daniel O’Donnell (International Relations), Lacey Lorenzen (International Relations), Madeline Olwert (Child Development), Parker Rhodes (Political Science) and Amber Wooden (Child Development)