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CSU, Chico Mobile App Update Adds New Functionalities

Date: 12-05-2016

Sean Murphy
Public Affairs
Mike Magrey
Creative Media and Technology

When the first version of California State University, Chico’s mobile app rolled out in 2012, it did what it was meant to do. With all the advancements that have happened since then, it was time for an update.

The modernized mobile app, called MYChicoState, contains multiple new features and functionalities and gives students more control over their personal information.

MYChicoState can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

Mike Magrey, director of Creative Media and Technology (CMT), said the original version of the app was very simple to use, but didn’t provide much student information or access to University services. The new update works with PeopleSoft, the University’s student information system, and places more control in the hands of the students.

“Students can check on their application status, look at their unofficial transcripts, and look at their financial aid and make selections there,” Magrey said. “There’s a whole range of other capabilities you can only get to when you log into the app and students can do all of this on their mobile devices.”

Work on the app update started last fall, with a target release date of June 2016. After testing and fine-tuning, the update eventually rolled out last month.

When users open the app, they’ll see tabs including Student Sign In, Calendar, Class Search, Course Catalog, News and others. Users can customize the app’s layout by pressing down on one of the tabs and moving it into the desired location on the device screen.

Magrey said that 510 apps have been downloaded since November 14 and added that more functions are planned.

During the next year to 18 months, Magrey said, “Prospective students will be able to apply to Chico State through the mobile app, they’ll be able to register for classes, pay their registration fees and add and drop classes,” with continued coordination between the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management Services bringing those features live. The four functionalities are already built into the app, but must be enabled.

Magrey worked in tandem with Beth Kissinger, director of Enterprise Applications, who brought knowledge of PeopleSoft to the table.

“We’re very excited about where this app can go,” Magrey said. “And with all of the functionality inherent in the product, it should be great.”