Kathryn Silliman, PhD, RDN

SilllimanDepartment Chair
Office: Holt 367
Phone: 530-898-6245

Current Courses Taught:
NFSC 155 Introduction to Nutrition and Food Sciences
NFSC 440 Advanced Human Nutrition
NFSC 641 Topics in Macronutrients
Research Interests:
Projects related to the assessment of nutritional status and diet and heart disease.
Recent Publications/Current Projects:
  • Gunnare N, K Silliman, M Neyman Morris.  Accuracy of self-reported weight and role of gender, body mass index, weight satisfaction, weighing behavior, and physical activity among rural college students. Body Image 10 (3): 406-410, 2013
  • Sandra Anderson, S, K Silliman, J Schneider.  Awareness of the Red Dress Symbol and heart disease among college women. Californian Journal of Health Promotion 11 (1): 36-44, 2013.
  • Thompson J, Silliman, D Clifford.  Impact of an early education multimedia intervention in managing nutrition-related chemotherapy side effects: a pilot study. SpringerPlus 2: 179, 2013
  • Silliman K, J Mahoney, V Michaels, T Miles.  No apparent impact of meal glycemic index on postprandial lipid response in lean and abdominally obese women. The Open Nutrition Journal 6: 97-103, 2012.
  • Byrd K, M Morris, K Silliman. Impact of a three-year worksite wellness program on employee blood lipid levels. California Journal of Health Promotion 6:49-56, 2008.
Recent Graduate Theses/Professional Papers:
  • Is dairy associated with dysmenorrhea?
  • Influence of knowledge, perception, and sensory preference on whole grain consumption within a population of undergraduate CSU students.
  • MyPlate: Familiarity and Usage among College Students.
  • Do national school lunch program meals in California meet the USDA standards.
  • Mindful eating, body satisfaction, weight behavior, and physical activity level among a college population.