NFSA in Action!

Officer Christmas Picture 2012

NFSA Officers, Fall 2012!

NFSA Water Table 2012

 Bringing club awareness to the Chico State campus- nutritious and delicious fruit flavored water!
Meeting Games Having fun with ice breakers in NFSA
Apple Suit Tomatoes jumprope too!
Christmas Party1 Enjoying some delicious food at the End of the Year Dinner!
Beautiful at every size booth

Girl Scout Mall Sleepover Nutrition Education Event: Our Beautiful at Every Size Booth.

Flavored water tasting

Girl Scouts participating in the flavored water tasting.

More Girl Scouts

"What I Love About Me" box.

Nutrition and PA Trivia Game

Girls playing the Healthy Trivia game.

Girls playing trivia game

Girls playing Healthy Trivia and looking at healthy recipe cards.

What I love About Me Box

More girls adding to the "What I Love About Me Box"

Gateway Science Museum

Grand Opening of the Gateway Science Museum

Enloe Heart Fair

Enloe Heart Fair at the Chico Mall

Enloe Heart Fair


Enloe Heart Fair


Enloe Heart Fair


Enloe Heart Fair


Enloe Heart Fair


Enloe Heart Fair