Fall 2015 Advising Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2015 Advising Newsletter (PDF)

Fall 2014 Advising Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2014 Advising Newsletter (PDF)

Fall 2013 Advising Newsletter (PDF)

Spring 2013 Advising Newsletter (PDF)

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Fall 2015 final’s week: December 14-18 


New to major;  not certain or career interest not listed below
Dr. Michelle Morris Holt 102 X 4757
Pre-Dietetics A-L; Food and Nutrition Communication; for careers in Nursing
Dr. Katie Silliman Holt 121 X 6245
Dr. Dawn Clifford Holt 108 X 6164
Food and Nutrition Communication for career interest in Nutrition Education, Lactation Education, or Sports Nutrition
Dr. Julie Holland Holt 104 X 6567
Food and Nutrition Communication for career interest in Food Science,  Agriculture, Marketing, Sustainability, or Media and Writing
Dr. Maria Giovanni Holt 116 X 4023
Nutrition Management
Stephanie Bianco-Simeral Holt 106 X 4759

Advising for Related Programs

Masters in Nutritional Science Dr. Keiko Goto Holt 110 X 6767 
Minor in Nutrition Dr. Katie Silliman Holt 121 X 6245 
Minor in Foodservice Administration Joan Giampaoli Holt 114 X 6410